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Baby Brogans

Baby Brogans

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"Cait. I'm needing baby shower gifts. Are you willing to make baby things? I'd love to see and support what you'd come up with." -Karla

My own infertility has caused me pain. Without much thought I closed the door to anything baby related: Friends, orders, IG feeds... just like a dry heifer, 'to the next field!'

Age, wisdom or this note changed my tune...

I was completely full of joy making these adorable shoes. Thinking of the little one who will wear them, who will they be, the love they will bring to the world... happy thoughts.

I feel lighter.

Thank you for letting me put this weight down. 

These brogans (Gaelic for shoes) are made from high grade Hermann Oak leather, rubber soles for first time walker grip, and Velcro enclosures to make things easier for Mum. 

Size 9-12 months. 

Would be an extra special gift for a new Mum & baby in your life.