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Chick Flicks- To Be Discontinued

Chick Flicks- To Be Discontinued

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I don't think it's just me- I do a pile of online shopping. It's easy, especially when you live remotely- and it's kinda nice picking up things other than bills from your mailbox. 

Now if you're anything like me, I rip into my parcels the second I get back into the truck. I'm a child. I use a pen, or nails- even teeth. Regrettably, I've ripped off a nail completely and had to run back to the post master for aid, and another time I accidentally ripped my new shirt...

Enter the 'Chick Flick.' A mini pocket knife, charm key-chain- perfect for your mailbox key! 

They are all pink, and come in two styles:

The long handle- 2 " folded, with two blades, unfolded 3 1/2". 

Old-school ladies' leg, 2 " folded, 1 blade, unfolded 3". 

Each knife comes with a key-ring and 2 charms: one unique and the other a Cattle Cait heart. They are sharp. 

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