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Cry of the Loon: A novel by Joy Duncan

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I was apprehensive, to say the least. A harlequin romance, written by Grandma isn’t on most of our reading lists…


I bucked up. Read it. Loved it. Knew it had to get published.


Cry of the Loon, is based on my 85 year-old Grandma’s experiences as a 21-year-old nurse, in Manitoba’s North Country, caring for Canada’s aboriginals during an awful time in their history.  She wrote it in the 1970’s, living remotely in B.C’s Caribou.


“I was reading ‘penny dreadfuls’ at the time, given to me by a neighbour lady. I couldn’t take another one. They were so poorly written and unoriginal, I threw the last book into the trash and blurted, “I could do better!” My eldest daughter, Kerry heard. The challenge was on.”


For me, Cait, as a young woman, living remotely, feeling at times I’m not making a dent, this book made me realize that life is just an adventure.  A healthier, optimistic outlook.


“Could you still deliver a baby by yourself Grandma?” The very first question I had after reading her novel.   “Yes,” she replied, “If I had to, and nobody else handy was around.”


My mind is blown. Grandma aside, Joy Duncan, you are a strong, caring, all around amazing woman.


I’m honoured to share this story, I hope you'll enjoy it too.