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Sisu Hats™ - Antique French 'Millennial Pink' Floral -  Needlepoint- Size Regular

Sisu Hats™ - Antique French 'Millennial Pink' Floral - Needlepoint- Size Regular

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 ***This hat is one-of-a-kind, made from antique needlepoint, from France. Each stitch has been placed by hand with needle and wool yarn. There will never be another. Priced accordingly.***

Regular fits hat size: 6-⅞"  to  7-⅛"

In Finland, ‘sisu’ is a magical quality. It means you have the stamina, perseverance, courage and determination to get through anything.

I can’t think of a better word for us in Canadian winters. We dig deep, for sisu!

More & more, I’m wanting the things in our life to have big purpose. We’re tired of stuff we don’t use. In my own closet, a fur hat is my number one go-to for 6 months at least, each year. I’ve spent a number of months designing and sewing my perfect version.

Cattle Cait’s Sisu Hats are not for everyone. If you’re confident, value being warm and looking like Russian royalty, these are for you.

Each hat, whether it’s made from antique French needlepoint, 1970’s velvet Elvis paintings, Pendleton or fuzzy minky, are additionally lined in 100% thick wool and a layer of satin. These hats are for frigid, cold weather (-10’C and below) and are NOT recommended for wet snow/rain climates. The fur is sheepskin, the ties are quality alum-tanned leather (oily/soft/water resistant) and each hat is proudly marked as a Cattle Cait original, with leather patch and satin logo lining.

I predict your Sisu Hat will last a lifetime. Stylin’ at Christmas Parades and alive in water-bowl-freezing blizzards. Happy Winter, get out there, and enjoy it!