'Wild Rose' Lip Grease

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I’m really excited to be collaborating with my long-time friend, Sarah Gurr of Prairie Bath Products in Brooks, AB.

 We met as horse crazed, 4Her’s in a club made up of mainly teenage girls and our mothers, quite the dynamic. In older age, I can now see why our fathers eagerly waved us off from the front step…

 My Mom and I had two rules during these years:

 1) No fighting in public, but once we were alone in the truck, the gloves could come off

2) “Lip Grease” had to be available in all vehicles and pockets. Nothing revitalizes a person like lip balm, especially during a long, hot horse show.

 Our Wild Rose Lip Grease is 100% natural, made from beeswax and coconut oil with a hint of rose essential oil (we’ve made sure it’s NOT too fragrant, rose can be strong).