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Shetland Pony Handmade Leather Western Headstall- Pre Order

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Initially I thought ‘Shortcake’ (pony pictured above) was a miniature horse, but more and more, due to her sizing, I’m sure she’s got Shetland pony in her DNA. 


Now, these darling ponies are hard to find gear for, especially western tack. I’ve noticed they are too large for ‘Miniature Horse’ but too small for ‘Pony’. 


If your adorable little sidekick is shaped like ours, here’s a listing for a handmade leather headstall with the following measurements (where the holes are to buckle):


Browband: 14.5”

Crownpiece: 18” - 21.5” (the headstall pictured above was 2” shorter, we decided to make it longer) 

Throat Latch: 28” -  31.75”


-Hermann Oak topside.

-Horween leather lined.

-Jeremiah Watt buckles.


-Bridle Rosettes, bit, chin strap and reins NOT included.


Handmade by Lee Bascom Saddlery (my husband). Pre ordered items are made to order and depending on the season (Lee is a full time cowboy)  can take 4-6 weeks to complete.