Rock-a-Betty Bows™

Rock-a-Betty Bows™

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Rock-a-Betty Bows, Pussybows, bow blouses, woman’s neckties - whatever you want to call ‘em, gained fashion momentum by early horsewomen in the 1700’s, inspired by their husband's/father's military garb.  From the Gibson Girls, Coco Chanel, to Dale Evans, Annie Hall and Ellen, they’re still on trend.  

These scarves create a timeless, classy, strong look and can be worn so many different ways. Paired with a collared shirt, tied on a bare neck, braided in hair, slid through belt loops on your jeans…whatever you want, you’ll rock it!

4 cm width x 195 cm length. Poly blend. 

Each tie is silkscreened by Cait's hand, with inspiration. 

  • Chin Up
  • Fear Not
  • Aim High
  • Rise n' Shine
  • Dig Deep 

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