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Wild Rosie Rags: The Mini

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Happy to introduce NEW for 2018: The Mini!

I've had lots of request from Mother's and baby shower gifters to offer something for the little girls of the world. Best of all, these aren't just for kids- they are the perfect sized, perky neck scarf for adults!

Think horse show, with a matching saddle pad- they'll look right on trend, and are less bouncy than a traditional silk scarf. Looking smooth and easy is the name of the game. 

For kids, they fit a 16.5" head size, give or take a few inches both ways. I'm not a Mum, but Google says that's ages 0-24 months on average.

I do warn the leather slide could be a potential choking hazard. I've made them the tightest fit I can, and if it's just for photos- it won't be a problem but if you want your child to wear it more often, when you're not around, I advise putting a few stitches through the slide and Rosie on one side, where it fits best. That or use an elastic instead, or tie a knot. Message me if you have any questions.

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