Everything in my shop is handmade in my rural home in SW Sask. Thank you for supporting me & my little family. -Cait

COW GRL PWR Racer Back Tank

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Introducing my 10 years in business design (yahoo) the COW GRL PWR Stitch Horse.

Rural women, whether you’re new to the lifestyle, away from the farm, or pluggin’ away for generations, you have a gritty strength that will see you through anything, right? ‘COW GRL PWR’ is a reminder to those who wear it, this too shall pass, and you’re going to get through.

The bridle horse is made up of different hand embroidery stitches, honouring the women who came before us.

I first offered this exact tank in 2015 (the turquoise blue and green, still have a few available) and they’ve held up beautifully. The few I kept have been washed and washed over the last seven years and still look new, not pilly. A Win!

Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic and shortages, there are limited sizes available. 

Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, these tops fit  to size, snuggly.  If you'd like a looser fit I suggest purchasing a size up.