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‘Draft Up Cuffs’: Honouring Original Horse Power.

‘Draft Up Cuffs’: Honouring Original Horse Power.

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Similar to the cornerstone car companies of today like Ford & GMC, our Great-grandparents would have preferences in what horse breeds they were driving, too. You were either a Belgian, Clydesdale, Percheron or Shire family.  (GO CLYDES!)

These gentle giants pull on my heart. A quick Google search and you’ll see them breaking hard ground across North America for desperate settlers... 7000 km away from home, belly deep in mud pulling heavy artillery in WW1, and even proudly carrying our Grandparents to school as tiny children.

These beautiful horses gave so much.

Often you’ll hear people reminiscing about the good ‘ol days. But surprisingly, a number of older horseman in my life, who have since passed, would say, “Tractors saved a lot of horses from hard lives.”

My point here is: Change in an industry isn’t always a bad thing.

I’m all for stamping out the undesirable, sticking up for the good and striving for better.


These harness leather cuffs, with decorative stitching and snap enclosures, each feature a brass bridle rosette from the past. They are a bit weighty, as the conchos are lead filled so a thrashing horse head, nipping at flies doesn’t dent them in... but it’s a comforting weight on a wrist IMO with a beautiful nod to our history.  

Best fit? 6.5” – 8” wrist measurement. My wrist is the one pictured and measures 6.5”