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Floral Carved Leather Dandy Brush

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There’s something about the outside of a horse and what it does for the inside of a man, that’s the quote right? It’s true.

Most of the deep relationships I’ve had with horses over the years started with a brush and kindness. Our horses truly love a good grooming session. So why not make it even more special with a pretty tool?

These make great gifts for a mentor, teacher, or student in your life. Or, you can be like me and just buy what you like for yourself lol.

These wooden brush handles are hand carved by Cait, lined with soft pig suede and sewn. The bristles in plaid also thrill me as a Scottish lass. 

For adult sized hands.


  • 5” long
  • 5” Wide
  • 1” Bristle length
  • 5” Tall