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I'm offering a few of my Mum's books here at Cattle Cait, signed copies, while quantities last. Lots of us think our Mums are special, but I've got thousands of people agreeing with me, she's a neat lady. Funny, caring and a true horse lover. 

This is her first, of two books. Written, published & made, in Canada. 



Lee McLean was born to ride... and to write. In these pages you will enter the world of a master horsewoman and ride with her through the seasons of the year, and the ages and stages of life.

The stories come from Lee's riding journal, kept for over forty-five years, and the best of her Keystone Equine blogs. Distilled into one year, but made up of many, they reflect a life lived in the saddle.

As much about human nature as about horses, this book will become a resource you turn to, again and again. It offers sound technical advice, paired with story telling, humour and the gift of healing.

Lee McLean is the best-selling author of two books, HORSE WOMAN and now, LOVE & RULES. She is a horse trainer, stroke survivor, and one of the original eight women to race sidesaddle at the Calgary Stampede. The owner and operator of Keystone Equine, Lee has earned a reputation for pairing her training in classical dressage with ranch horse practicality. English, western, driving and sidesaddle, Lee has a legion of 45,000 followers on her Keystone blog, along with a feature column in a national equine magazine. She resides on the family ranch in the Alberta foothills with her husband, Mike, her horses and dogs.