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'Mad for Plaid' Dog Collars

'Mad for Plaid' Dog Collars

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I can hardly believe it…
Cattle Cait is almost 10 years old and dog collars are where I got my start.

I’ve been posting things from the past and there was an overwhelming response to bring these back. Here we are.

Made from quality Hermann Oak leather, these collars are also stitched with a seamless lining for comfort and have a keeper so the tail end is tidy.

Each of the tartans or tweeds shown are 100% pure wool, which wears beautifully in the elements. Kai, our red and white border collie is wearing one of the originals, which is 9 years old now. It’s been in a lot of dugouts, cow poop and sunshine.

I also opted this run to use repurposed buckles, dee’s and rings from old, donated harness. I love the charm, patina and the feel good factor they provide.


All the collars here are the same ‘stock dog’ size, fitting a neck 15”-18”. The collar width is 1.25”.


***As an aside, if your dog is known to break or chew collars, I’m sorry, I can’t guarantee it will survive.

***At this time, custom orders for this item are not available.