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The Ann Earring

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Inspired by a Stohlman carved flower, these earrings HAD to be named after Ann, a hero of mine. 

Ann Lloyd (June 30, 1924 - June 10, 2004) was born in Idaho, but grew up in north-eastern Oregon and north-eastern California. She was raised by her father, Jack Lloyd, and grew up in the logging camps he worked in. There, she learned to live in nature, fish, use fire weapons, and how to hunt.

In the Spring of 1963, Ann was fishing trip in the Big Creek Lodge when she attended a leatherworking demonstration Al Stohlman was performing at the property. The two corresponded by mail and were married on August 20, 1963, in Mexico. Ann began learning the art of leatherwork by assisting her husband. Within 3 years, she learned the trade and was making saddles herself. Ann became quite an accomplished leatherworker, collaborating on many of Al's books and having her work featured in a number of publications. In 1969, The Stohlmans moved from their property in Hemet, California to a 200-acre ranch in BC, Canada. Just as Al had taught Ann leathercraft, she taught him how to hunt and live off of the land, as she had in her youth.

Sweet sentiment, a solid hardworking pair.

These dangly earrings will be much the same. 

Cheers, Ann.