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The Hereford Chain

The Hereford Chain

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I started building these for those healing, hurting or needing a hand up.

“This bull is smiling at me and I can’t help but smile back,” wrote one of my followers. This fellow, a little doodle I drew one wintry night, has the power to do so much more. There is something about him that puts beauty on the hardest faces and in the most resolved hearts. He somehow symbolizes all the good to be found in our rural communities.

6 months ago, I donated a handful every month, to folks needling a little extra love and support. But the demand grew, I couldn’t keep up and many of you, dear followers wanted to purchase them for your loved ones instead.

So here we go, with love and gratitude, these little fellas will be on their way to lend those in need a little extra strength and courage.

3” x 2”