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Young Gun Holster Sets- Pre Order

Young Gun Holster Sets- Pre Order

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Bringing toy guns into play can be a big decision for parents and what ever you decide, if it’s for you or not, I understand.

I have wonderful memories with my brothers, riding ponies and packing pistols, at home. I think it was one of the real reasons we enjoyed riding at an early age; open fields and big imaginations.

Details like quality Hermann Oak leather and intricate carving, paired with a noticeably handmade gun, built small scale for little hands, will turn these holster sets into family heirlooms.

I urge those who plan on gifting, to be sure their plan aligns with the child’s caregivers.

Each set includes a leather holster and wood pistol, no belt.

The holster slides on any size belt up to 1-1/2” in width.

Sets are 10" in length. 

Pre Order means I will make what is ordered, once its paid for. It takes a little time, but it helps when introducing new product because I have no idea how popular they will be. 

Custom orders on average take 6-8 weeks to complete. Designs can incude a family brand. Price increases for a design fee. Please be sure you checkout with an email you will check/see, because that it how I will contact you for your order.

Thanks so much.